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Skiing and Snowboarding – The Tatras is one of the last really cheap ski destinations in Europe, honestly! We have great ski slopes nearby (20 euro per day) and the ski and snow board rental also incredibly cheap (6 euro per day). 


We have a selection of beautiful one-piece ski suits, ‘Onsies’, that will make you look like a complete clown on the slopes if you didn’t already! The photos don’t lie! Have a look at for more ski info and for more options go to







Winter Hiking – If you are not a skier or snow boarder, don’t worry! There are hiking trails that stay open year round and mountain huts are open to serve lovely hot goulash soup and a well-deserved beer. 


The walks in the forest and views of the mountain peaks are spectacular, giving you a real feel of adventure and the chance to experience the beauty of the mountains in winter.


Walking the dog – Wally loves the snow as much as he loves chasing sticks, so don’t think you won't have the option to take him for a walk if there is too much powder.



Ice Hockey – As well as having our own ice hockey pitch right next to the hostel and sets of hockey skates and sticks, the local Poprad Ice Hockey team have weekly matches in the home stadium. Tickets are 3 euros and once you are in it's beers, hotdogs and ice hockey all the way!

Aqua City - Equally if you just want to take it easy, spend all day soaking your stresses away in the outdoor thermal pools in Poprad. Treat yourself to drinks from the poolside bar, book a massage or relax in the aroma saunas. It's seriously relaxing!



For the romantics amongst you, there is even something for you. Looking for a unique way to propose?  Why not try it in an igloo!  We did build this ourselves and if you give us a few days we will build one for you.

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