Travel Man, BOB.
Starting point. The Ginger Monkey, Slovakia.
Date. 06 January 2022
Destination. The Eiffel tower.



Relay team so far

579 Km


Zdiar to Prague

Jess McMurray

Travel Man is on a journey from the Ginger Monkey, Slovakia to The Eiffel Tower. 

If travel man has been passed onto you for a leg of his journey we hope you enjoy your time together, he is a good guy, enjoys football, theatre, horror movies and Chinese food.

His final destination is The Eiffel Tower, it doesn't matter if your'e not heading in that direction he is not fussy about the route and wants to see as much of Europe as he can before his journey ends. If you can send us a picture of him in his current location and perhaps what he has been up to we can follow his journey.

Travel man loves a good feed and beer so if he's been somewhere exceptional let us know and we will add it to his journey.  Any pictures you have of him will also be posted.  And when you're ready pass him on.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 09_edited.png

the journey so far

It started at the Ginger Monkey, Zdiar Slovakia on January the 6th.  After a couple of days chilling on the deck and eating pizza at Rustika  travel man headed out with Jess and left for Prague.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 09_edited.png

After 5 hours on the train from Poprad to Bratislava and several cans of Zlaty Bazant travel man then boarded a second train to Prague where he is currently based.

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 09_edited.png

Awaiting the next update from the new travel mate.

Email us at the hostel if you have been passed the baton and share his adventure.