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The cottage has uninterrupted stunning views of the countryside from every window. With plenty of land surrounding the cottage you can stretch out, play games, be active and loud or just bake or barbeque on our large firepit.  All of this is within the boundaries of our property.  Alternatively the log burner in the living room is perfect for a cosy night with a dvd and a bottle of wine.

The cottage has 3 bedrooms, which sleep 7, 9 at a squeeze if you include 2 sofa beds.  Set on 3500sqm of its own land, surrounded by rolling hills and miles of hiking trails. This cottage really gives you the sense of isolation and connection with the countryside.

We have all the facilities you need in the kitchen to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.



The cottage is in a picturesque valley of Lubovnianske spa, between Spišská Magura and Levocské vrchy, 7 km from Stará Lubovna. The region became famous due to the presence of mineral springs and it belongs to the purest climates in central Europe. Signed tourist trails provide ideal conditions for summer walking. The surroundings also offer suitable terrains for cycling.

We have plenty to keep you entertained during your stay, within the cottage there is a TV and dvd player with a huge range of dvd’s, also a range of jigsaw puzzles, games, a dart board. We also have speakers for you plug your ipod/mp3 into.


The cottage is completely self contained and you will be left to be self sufficient.  Bookings are only taken for week long stays, and charged based on a minimum of the equivilant of 4 guests staying each night.

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