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If your coming from Krakow it is best to first catch a bus to Zakopane. From there minibuses leave directly opposite Zakopane bus station and go to the Polish/Slovak border Lysa Polana.


The minibuses will be marked Polana Polencia or Morskie Oko. When you get to Lysa Polana cross the border by foot and catch the next bus heading towards Poprad.


Buses to Poprad leave at 07.05, 10.40, 14.30, 15.40, 17.05 and 20.15. After about 20 minutes on this bus you will reach Zdiar.


When you see the first petrol station get off, walk back towards the petrol station and head for the church entrance. You will see us about 30 meters away.


Catch a bus at the main bus station which is next to the train station. The service to Zdiar leaves from platform 5 and may be marked Zdiar, Lysa Polana or Tat. Javorina.

The bus to Zdiar takes approximately 45 minutes.

In Zdiar look for the road sign for the petrol station (500 meters) and get off at the next bus stop. Then walk to the petrol station and then to the church where you will find the hostel.

Take a look at for bus times to and from Poprad and Border crossing Lysa Polana to  Zdiar.  If you are coming direct from Krakow  and don't want the the bother of the border it's

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